Revitalized + Inspired by my trip!!

I've been back in Toronto for a while now, so I've had time to mull over how my trip has revitalized + inspired me. Here's what I've found:

I have never been more comfortable with my body. Spending time with someone who really loves you (all of you) inspires a girl to see her body through her lover's eyes. He doesn't see the flaws; he's too busy admiring how gorgeous you are.

I'm more sure of myself in social situations, like conversing with people I don't know. I met my boyfriend's family for the first time. I'm incredibly shy when I meet new people, especially ones who I'm desperate to impress. Fortunately, it went well! That victory has boosted my confidence immensely.

I'm more certain of my goals and aspirations. Travelling always pulls me back to centre, makes me feel more like myself.

I'm more in love with Kamen than ever. We compliment each other perfectly. He makes me feel beautiful. We make each other happy. We're meant to last. I find this exhilarating!!

I can't wait to put these positive changes and gleeful feelings to use!! I have lots of projects in the works, which I am very excited about. How have you been, dear readers?

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