What do you want to do this summer?

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As the days get warmer and brighter, it's hard to resist fantasizing about romantic picnics, sunny beaches and ice cream cones...  This is a great time to think about what you most want to accomplish this summer! This can be anything from the intense and ambitious, like studying abroad, to the frivolous and fun, like trying lots of different nail colours. Go wild!

Here are some suggestions.

♥  Spend a day at the ocean. There's something special about salty air and the ocean's waves. If you can't get to the seashore this summer, a lake, creek or pool will do! Grab your most glamorous sunnies and perhaps some poutine and a novel to enjoy while laying in the sand. Have fun!

Share a yummy, ice-cold drink with someone you like. The two of you, two straws, one glass. Delicious! This leads us to my next idea...

♥ Stay hydrated. That's always important, but especially so when it's hot out. If you don't like water, try squeezing lime into your Evian or drinking iced tea instead.

♥ Devour a book you've always wanted to read. I'm reading The Stream Runs Fast. I admire Nellie McClung + have wanted to read her memoirs for a long time. Why not this summer?

♥ Hit the road! Summer is a great time to travel. Whether it's a month overseas or a day-trip to a town near yours, getting away is always enjoyable.

♥ Wear something that makes you feel beautiful. A bikini? A sleek maxi dress? A poofy mini skirt? Go for it, gorgeous!

Happy summer!!

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