Shit Happens

I thought I was stranded.

I've never been to Washington DC. I've never been outside of Canada by myself, either. And having quite a history of having panic attacks at inopportune times, let's just say I was expecting the worst, when I found out my bus ticket had been mixed up.

All is well, now. I just think everyone could use a reminder now and then that sometimes, things don't work out exactly the way we plan, nor the way we think we want them to.

So. Next time something has you stressed because it's not going according to plan, here's what to do:

1 Take a deep breath.

2 And another.

3 When you're breathing normally and feel calmer, try to think rationally about all your options. Believe me, one is most capable of logical thinking when calm, so...

4 Take more deep breaths!

And remember, it will be okay!

Sending y'all love from the road,

Bon Voyage, Becca!! or: Dear Readers

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Dear readers,

I'm off to America! I'll be wandering DC, spending a few weeks with my beloved boyfriend, visiting the ocean (!!) and wiling away a few hours in New York. I don't know how often I'll be online, but don't miss me too much, okay ;)

Love, Becca

What do you want to do this summer?

Source: unknown

As the days get warmer and brighter, it's hard to resist fantasizing about romantic picnics, sunny beaches and ice cream cones...  This is a great time to think about what you most want to accomplish this summer! This can be anything from the intense and ambitious, like studying abroad, to the frivolous and fun, like trying lots of different nail colours. Go wild!

Here are some suggestions.

♥  Spend a day at the ocean. There's something special about salty air and the ocean's waves. If you can't get to the seashore this summer, a lake, creek or pool will do! Grab your most glamorous sunnies and perhaps some poutine and a novel to enjoy while laying in the sand. Have fun!

Share a yummy, ice-cold drink with someone you like. The two of you, two straws, one glass. Delicious! This leads us to my next idea...

♥ Stay hydrated. That's always important, but especially so when it's hot out. If you don't like water, try squeezing lime into your Evian or drinking iced tea instead.

♥ Devour a book you've always wanted to read. I'm reading The Stream Runs Fast. I admire Nellie McClung + have wanted to read her memoirs for a long time. Why not this summer?

♥ Hit the road! Summer is a great time to travel. Whether it's a month overseas or a day-trip to a town near yours, getting away is always enjoyable.

♥ Wear something that makes you feel beautiful. A bikini? A sleek maxi dress? A poofy mini skirt? Go for it, gorgeous!

Happy summer!!

"I always write in colours": Music Monday 20.6.2011

Good afternoon!

This week, Music Monday features Kerli, an amazing Estonian singer who is famous for creating Bubblegoth, interacting with her fans (whom she affectionately calls "Moonchildren") and penning gorgeous songs, like Walking on Air.

Kerli's description of her music: "I always write in colours. I try to paint the picture with lyrics and with sounds and melody, so that each song has a lot of personality". BMI's addition is lovely: "[Kerli's music] is ethereal and smoldering, gossamer yet tenebrous, electronic, intricate, expansive".

Check out Kerli's latest single, Army of Love. For more, follow Kerli on Twitter.

Toronto Food Festivals (Summer 2011)

Samosas: one of many yummy foods to try at Toronto's Festival of India. Source.

In Toronto, there's always something to be excited about. We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as well as one of the most multicultural.

Numerous festivals take place in the GTA, many of them celebrating food. Don't pretend your stomach isn't growling at the very thought!!

Here's a taste (clever, right?!) of the very best food festivals our city has to offer this summer:

The Taste of Little Italy celebrates all things Italian, especially the cuisine. Takes place from 17th to 19th June (that's this weekend!) on College Street from Bathurst to Shaw. More information here.

Festival of India takes place on the 16th + 17th of July. It features yoga, a bazaar and a vegetarian feast. Plus, it's free. More information here.

Taste of the Danforth is delicious! Greek food and Hellenic culture are celebrated at the Danforth year-round, but this festival is the icing on the cake... Or the spinach in the spanakopita? More information here.

The Toronto Vegetarian Festival celebrates a compassionate, veg*n lifestyle and the yummy food that comes with it. 9th-11th September 2011. More information here.

I'm hungry now...

Full disclosure: I am NOT affiliated with these festivals in any way. I just happen to like food and love Toronto (:

Getting this off my chest...

I'm posting sooner than I expected to be. I need to get this off my chest. Maybe it will help you, too. Here goes:

I'm sad. I'm tired. I'm stressed about school, despite how soon it will be over. I'm nervous about being nervous about my upcoming trip.

I see my entire life stretched out before me, this vast expanse of beautiful, crisp, clean canvas waiting for me to paint all over it in all my favourite colours. That's not scary for me; it's empowering.

What is scary for me? I'm afraid of my mental illness holding me back from achieving my dreams.

I guess it's normal to fear that something that's limited you for a long time will limit you for the rest of your life. When I was Selectively Mute, I thought I would never be able to speak in public, despite how hard I was working to cope with my anxiety. Maybe this is the same sort of situation. I'm scared I'll never be happy and successful because I've spent a long time not being happy or successful.

This self-fulfilling prophecy stops here.

When I am aware of them, I will question my unhealthy thoughts, my Borderline tendencies. I know I won't catch them all the time and I know I won't always be able to control them (afterall, Borderline Personality Disorder is chronic). But trying counts for a lot. I can do this.

And whatever you're struggling with, whether it's your (or a loved one's) mental illness, a big change on your horizon or something completely different, I know you can do it, too.

I'm sorry it's been so quiet around here....

Truly, dear readers, the sincerest of apologies.

I have been very busy planning my upcoming trip (squee! I'll post about it soon!) and finishing off summative assignments.

Here are a few things to keep you entertained until regular posting resumes:

a new thrill. This is the online home of my filthy romantic stories. Enjoy! ...unless you're offended by discussion of sexuality, are legally underage or are one of my parents (because I know you read etched in tin from time to time, Maman and Dad!! ;p).

poetry etched in tin. My poetry blog.

My Twitter. Are we tweeting each other yet?

What have you been up to?

xox Becca

Butterbeer, High Heels + More: Confetti 3.5.2011

Photo source: ???

Confetti time!!

One word: artichokes.

American friends, if these pride shirts are available in  your state, go get one! I wish they were sold here ):

Shape Magazine Misses By a Mile. Great article!

These high heels are so nifty.

Famous Bisexuals in History. Quite an extensive list.

Voodoo by Alexz Johnson is gorgeous.

For the Harry Potter fans... how to make Butterbeer! Oh yes.

"Viva la summer"! This tumblr makes me long for the sun. How about you?

Happy Friday!!

TiLT 2.5.2011

It's Thursday... You know what it's time for!

Things that made me smile this week...

♥ Rereading a favourite book. It's like spending time with an old friend.

♥ Cherry soda. So good!

♥ "Hell's bells, Trudy!!!!" Makes me giggle every time!

♥ Being called adorable pet names, like "dear" and "boo" makes me melt.

♥ Shimon Moore's hair. I fucking love it. So much. (You're welcome, Kamen ;)

♥ Writing filthy stories.

♥ Finding out you have more time than you thought you did + finding creative ways to fill it.

♥ Holly Black's The Posion Eaters. Holly is a brilliant storyteller, her characters are vibrant + you'll never want to put the book down. Reading the entire book in less than two days made my week. I'm certain you'll love it too!

early to bed's blog. No explanation required ;) Just click!

What's on your list, m'dear?
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