TiLT 19.5.2011

Happy Thursday! Here's my weekly love list.

♥ Starting the 365 Photos Project with my boyfriend. I'm really excited about being motivated to do a little creative task every single day, especially with him.

♥ Thai food with my dad. He surprised me with a bag of my favourite candy and a big hug, too.

♥ Wandering aimlessly in beautiful Toronto (and enjoying every moment of it).

♥ Maman: "That skirt is so ugly. But you look beautiful. You pull it off". Me: "Oh. Um. Thanks".

♥ My dear friend Brigitte is just awesome. Always.

♥ Rocking horizontal stripes, even though fashion 'experts' say big girls can't. Fuck that, I look hot! ;)

♥ Reading and writing about The Person's Case for my Canadian History course.

What's on your TiLT list this week?

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