TiLT 12.5.2011

Today is Thursday... You know what it's time for!

Things that made me smile this week:

<3 Giant maple sugar lollipops.

<3 Falling in love all over again.

<3 At long last, having the courage to discuss something that's been buried inside for a long time.

<3 Waking up to sweet little messages from my Love. "Btw, you're pretty". *squee*!

<3 Finding the perfect bra. Definitely going to post about this esperience soon... just you wait!!

<3 Delicious vegan lunch + delicious conversation with one of my dearest friends.

<3 Spending time with my not-so-little little brother. We took Maman out for (veggie) burgers and a movie on Sunday. She wanted a super-casual Mother's Day, and it worked out really pleasantly.

What fabulousness did you enjoy this week?

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