"Draw a Heart on Your Wrist, Change the World"

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Beautiful readers and wonderful friends, I'll preface this post by saying this: You know mental illness is an issue that's very dear to me, not just as a person who suffers from it, but as an advocate of mental health, love and supporting one another.

My friend Victoria (thank you, gorgeous!) brought my attention to Free Love Day, which "promotes awareness of suicide and depression, as well as to advocate a lifestyle of unconditional love".

Here's more information from the facebook event page:

Depression is one of the leading conditions that lead to suicide. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. Statistically, for every suicide there are ELEVEN attempts. And the truth is that we don't know who wants to, will try to, or will take their life.

What's the answer to this? Love is one. Here, love means an action and decision to unconditionally practice patience, kindness, and humbleness towards people. Sharing your story with people, because we all have one. To open up so no one feels alone.

SO HERE'S THE DEAL: On April 25th, put a heart on your wrist to signify that you will wear your heart on your sleeve and observe a LIFESTYLE of love. ASK SOMEONE HOW THEY'RE DOING. TELL PEOPLE YOU LOVE THEM AND DO IT. Nobody should have to feel so bad about themselves that they take their own life, so let's give them a reason not to! Let's change the world on April 25th!

I love the fact that this initiative not only sheds light on the horrors of mental illness, but embraces the positive ways we all can help each other cope with it. Whether you or a loved one (or both) are under attack by the "black dog", I urge you to take part.

Even the smallest actions have a huge impact. Love, love, love.

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