Confetti 30.4.2011

Here's a short and sweet Saturday edition of Confetti for your perusal.

C'est magnifique! La Maison de Dita Von Teese.

I love this post from Pocket Rocket Fashion. "The best thing anyone can do in shopping for clothes is: wear what you want, and what makes you happy. No more, no less". Amazing advice for anyone and everyone.

In case you haven't had enough of the Royal Wedding...

I love Jason Webley. So much. He's so charming + that really shows in this interview.

Llama font!!

American Idiot (the incredible Broadway musical based on music by Green Day) is going to launch a tour... starting in Toronto!

Have a fabulous weekend.

TiLT 28.4.2011

Welcome to this week's TiLT!!

♥ Dinner (and 1950s-style chocolate shakes!!) with my not-so-little little brother.

♥ Melting when my sweetheart refers to me as his ://)

♥ My new favourite emoticon, as used above. ://). Hah!

♥ Durham Parent Baby + Kids Show. I'll be covering the event as press. It's this Saturday, so be sure to get your tickets, quick!

♥ Making top-secret arrangements to treat my Maman to a delightful Mother's Day excursion.

♥ Pink, purple and blue sparkles in little bags, just itching to be used in an art project.

What little things do you love this week?

"'Write a song about California,' he said..."

Good morning! I hope you had a glorious long weekend and took advantage of the warm weather! I have a yummy treat for you this morning, but don't worry-- it's not chocolate-covered matzah or an Caramilk egg, since I figure you're sick of those after Passover and Easter!

Here it is: two summery songs for you to enjoy.

A Song About California
by Hey Ocean!.

Maybe by Sick Puppies.

Have a great day, doll!!

"Draw a Heart on Your Wrist, Change the World"

To Write Love On Her Arms by aglanceatmyworld on Flickr

Beautiful readers and wonderful friends, I'll preface this post by saying this: You know mental illness is an issue that's very dear to me, not just as a person who suffers from it, but as an advocate of mental health, love and supporting one another.

My friend Victoria (thank you, gorgeous!) brought my attention to Free Love Day, which "promotes awareness of suicide and depression, as well as to advocate a lifestyle of unconditional love".

Here's more information from the facebook event page:

Depression is one of the leading conditions that lead to suicide. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. Statistically, for every suicide there are ELEVEN attempts. And the truth is that we don't know who wants to, will try to, or will take their life.

What's the answer to this? Love is one. Here, love means an action and decision to unconditionally practice patience, kindness, and humbleness towards people. Sharing your story with people, because we all have one. To open up so no one feels alone.

SO HERE'S THE DEAL: On April 25th, put a heart on your wrist to signify that you will wear your heart on your sleeve and observe a LIFESTYLE of love. ASK SOMEONE HOW THEY'RE DOING. TELL PEOPLE YOU LOVE THEM AND DO IT. Nobody should have to feel so bad about themselves that they take their own life, so let's give them a reason not to! Let's change the world on April 25th!

I love the fact that this initiative not only sheds light on the horrors of mental illness, but embraces the positive ways we all can help each other cope with it. Whether you or a loved one (or both) are under attack by the "black dog", I urge you to take part.

Even the smallest actions have a huge impact. Love, love, love.

TiLT 21.4.2011.

Things I Love Thursday (aka TiLT) is a list of little things that made me smile this week. In the comments section, you can share your own list. It's a great way to celebrate life's small pleasures and for you and I to get to know each other (:

So, without further ado... Here's this week's list:

♥ Handwritten letters and greeting cards, posted 'just because'. My dear friend, Kayla (so dear, she's practically a sister!), mailed me a card with the sweetest message. It's sitting on my desk + every time I see it, it brings a smile to my face.

♥ Therapists who 'get it'.

♥ When the last pair of to-die-for shoes in the entire store is in your size. Hello, perfect black patent pumps!

♥ Pad Thai with egg and extra broccoli, right out of the take-out box and shared over great conversation.

♥ DIY mani/pedis in Revlon's 'Midnight Affair'.

♥ Sleepovers with BFFs.

Winners + Homesense  are running a Shelter From the Storm fundraiser, now 'til 8 May. Shelter From the Storm is Canada's largest national campaign dedicated to ending violence against women. I love that something as simple and fun as shopping can make a difference. To make an even bigger impact, click here.

What made you smile this week?

Happy Passover!

One of my favourite Passover treats! Photo by sugar-bliss gnome on Flickr.

Passover was always a warm, happy time, for me as a child, full of good food and lots of time spent with family and friends. We dressed our best, set the table and filled my Bubby's house with flowers, homemade art and yummy treats.

This year, it's just my Maman and I for Passover, and we already have some big plans (Kosher wine, matzah ball soup and a movie marathon!). I'm here to help you celebrate, whether you're new to the holiday and looking for a fun foray into Jewish traditions, a seasoned celebrant or somewhere in-between.

| | |

What is matzah? and Why is it customary to eat matzah on Passover?

Vegetarian Times offers some yummy ideas for your seder.

A yummy, Pesach-friendly, fruit-filled cake from Canadian Living.

This is a very creative use for matzah!

More matzah! This time, it's Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crack. Sounds so good that I will definitely be making a batch sometime this week.

I loved the description of a seder in this article from College Candy.

How are you celebrating Passover this year?

I feel awesome right now.

I got 5 and a half hours of sleep last night. And maybe that's not such a bad thing for me...

Here's the backstory:
When I was in the seventh grade, I was what's known as a "short sleeper". I could go to bed at midnight and get up at 6 am, completely alert and ecstatic to start my day. Those six hours were refreshing. I'd down a glass of juice or cup of tea, check my email, get dressed and be lounging on the couch, reading, before anyone else in the house had even stirred.

A couple years after this, a little after my fifteenth birthday, as most of my friends and readers know, my anxiety took a turn for the worse. Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder first began to take hold. I started getting really tired, really fast. Sleep was never restorative. I was sad or numb almost all the time.

Just over four years later, I'm finally recovering. I'm on antidepressants for the depression. I'm on Ativan and I practice deep breathing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques for the anxiety. I'm in therapy and I paint and meditate for the BPD. I was recently prescribed huge doses of iron to treat my newly-discovered severe anemia, which I'm told is behind my constant fatigue.

Back to this morning. I fell asleep chatting with my sweetheart, around 1 am. It's 6:30 and I'm wide awake. The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds. I've taken a dose of iron, two capsules of Effexor XR and chugged a bottle of water. The cat is sitting in my lap. I have a bowl of my very favourite fruit (raspberries!) and I can really taste their delicious, vibrant tart sweetness.

This morning, I'm so alive. I hope it lasts. I'm full of hope and passion and vividity.

I feel awesome right now.

Confetti 15.4.2011

Happy Friday, my dears! Here's your Confetti.

Real Simple's 11 Fun Things To Do On a Rainy Day makes me wish for a downpour.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has come out as Bipolar.

If you're a hummus fiend like I am, you'll like this list: The Best Hummus in Toronto.

Admit it. You wanna know about "exterior dickorating"!

I love this post about McQueen's legacy.

50 Creative, Cheap Ways To Have Fun is fantastic.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's new single, "Judas"? I love when she exclaims "Gaga!"

Have a fabulous weekend! <3

Confetti 8.4.2011

I hope you're enjoying your Friday evening! This week's Confetti features oatmeal-chocolate-raisin cookies, awesome summertime events at Harbourfront, an interview with Cory Monteith and more.


These cookies look delicious. Click through for the recipe!

There are so many awesome events planned for Harbourfront this summer!

Cory Monteith shares 25 things you don't know about him. Love the Canadian timbits... I mean, tidbits.

Shirley Temple cupakes. Yum.

Popsugar celebrates Kristen Stewart's 21st birthday with 21 pictures of the gorgeous star . I can't resist.

This is so cool! A visual history of Toronto's Queen and Bay streets.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xo Becca

"I'm normal, I'm a freak. I'm free."

In 2008, the Daily Mail called Cheryl Cole "emaciated" and "painfully thin". Now, Closer Magazine says she's "gained weight".

Here's what Kate Nash's take on the situation, as posted on her blog.

A... the woman is tiny.
B... even if she wasn't, her life.
C... the person who put a photo from a silly angle of her chin and wrote an article on giving her shit for having put on weight, fuck you! fuck you for giving girls and boys everywhere a complex about the way they look. jesus, everyone's so obsessed with looks and perfection. don't you understand that by attacking you're destroying the nation's self esteem.

I have a double chin from the wrong angle, I have cellulite from any angle, I have curves and spots and imperfections all over my body. I don't love it but I ain't gonna fucking hate myself just because some shitty magazines will write shit about me for being human. I'm glad I'm the way I am, I'm normal, I'm a freak. I'm free.

Start a revolution of imperfections and freedom, because that is truly the most beautiful.

Outside glossy magazines, does the media's concept of perfection really exist? More importantly, why should we have to conform to it?

Our so-called 'flaws' make us who we are. Different body shapes, skin tones, quirks... These make us special. Accepting, loving them is most revolutionary, most beautiful of all.

So support artists who empower you. Embrace the Fat Acceptance movement (people are gorgeous, lovable and worthy of respect at every size!). Tell yourself how ridiculously stunning you are, because it is so damn true.

Related resources: Kate Nash's Music. What is the Fat Acceptance movement? Body Image articles @ etched in tin.

Add Some Colour!

Image belongs to Katie@! on Flickr.

This post on Love Twenty has inspired me! Bright colours are trendy this spring + better yet, they've been proven to elevate mood. Paint your nails a neon or pastel hue, think happy thoughts and watch your mood skyrocket (:
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