TiLT 3.12.10

I'm a longtime fan of http://www.galadarling.com... so it's only natural that etched in tin should adopt Gala's weekly tradition of Things I Love Thursday (TiLT)!

What is TiLT? An fun, easy to read list of all the little things I've enjoyed in the past few days. Feel free to comment or link me to your own!

Things I loved this week:

<3 Second Cup's Candy Cane Lattes
<3 Staying hydrated
<3 Hot bubble baths and listening to Tarja Turunen's latest CD
<3 Wearing a red ribbon in honour of World AIDS Day
<3 Back issues of Family Circle
<3 Curling up in bed with the cats
<3 My fabulous boyfriend!!
<3 Brand new sneakers

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