Confetti 31.12.2010

Confetti: It's not the reason for going to a party, but it makes celebrating more fun! Confetti won't make up the bulk of etched in tin's content, but sharing clickables and tidbits of info will brighten your day and mine :)

Here we go!!

The new year is a perfect time to assess your life; what's working and what could use some polish. But is starting from scratch necessary?

Seeing Ellen&Portia so happy together always make me smile! Are you spending time with your SO this NYE?

How cool is this?! A drive-thru sex shop!

The Frisky's Favorite Girl Talk Columns will make for some fun reading.

Happy new year!!

Watch with glittering eyes...

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

-Roald Dahl

What's in your NYE party bag?

With just a few days to go until 2011, most of us are looking forward to NYE parties. Make some plans, pick out a sparkly top or little black dress! Before the festivities, make sure you have these things in your bag for a stress-free, truly glam evening.

~Lipstick. Touching up your make-up throughout the night is no fun, and neither is lugging your entire cosmetic bag to a soiree, so keep it simple. Apply your make-up, and bring a tube of crimson or hot pink lipstick on hand to enhance your pout.


~A camera (or camera phone). You're all dolled up and having a blast! Looking back on tonight will be fun.

~Safety pin. You never know...your outfit might need an emergency alteration.

~A condom. According to a study, 33% of women will have an affair on New Year's Eve. Be prepared!

~Breath mints. For aforementioned hookups and an overall feeling of freshness. Mmmm!

~Bus fare or money for a cab.

~Perfume. Wearing your favourite scent will help you feel confident, and you'll smell awesome! Instead of lugging the bottle, try a travel mini or a cotton ball soaked in scent and stored in a little Ziploc.

~Band-aids. Blisters can strike any time. Don't let them ruin your fun.

~Cute+comfy flats. If you're wearing sky high heels, consider bringing some flats to change into if your feet get sore.

Most importantly, bring confidence and fun! NYE is all about enjoying yourself, so go wild!

An Xmas Gift...From Me To You!!

A few nifty links, just in time for Christmas!

~ Adorable! 45 Pugs That Didn't Get What They Wanted For Christmas.

~ "Dread Nots: surviving the holidays with spirits in tact" Because sometimes Xmas isn't all eggnog and mistletoe. (Psychology Today)

~ Get comfy on the couch and watch some holiday movies! Don't know which to pick? Got you covered!

~Two men dressed as Santas robbed a supermarket. Where's their Christmas spirit?!

~ What's your favourite thing about winter? I love snowshoeing and hot cocoa! Check out this list from Lovelyish for more.

Happy holidays, beautiful!

Can Women and Men Be 'Just Friends'?

It's an age-old question, isn't it? "Can women and men be 'just friends'?".

This debate has been brought to light once more (or did it ever leave?) with the overly discussed divorce of Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds.  According to this article, multiple reports attest that "Ryan has been secretly dating friend and former co-star Sandra Bullock".

Could the fact that the two are of different genders have anything to do with these reports?

Tabloid articles don't bother me--I'm aware that they exist purely for entertainment value--it's the endless argument that women and men cannot be trusted to remain platonic.

Sex and romantic relationships are integral parts of most adults' lives; this cannot be denied. However, not all relationships are sexual or romantic in nature.

Leave Ryan and Sandra alone & go rent The Proposal on DVD!!

4 Pretty Little Pick-Me-Ups

Next time you have a bad day (we all have 'em, afterall), try one of these!

1 Put on lipstick. It's worth the effort, trust me. It brightens your face and feeling pretty will make you smile.

2 Take a hot bath. Go all out, with an exfoliating scrub, music, candles and essential oils. Aaah!

3 Try out a mask, like the ones offered at Lush. Slough off dead skin and those negative thoughts along with it.

4 Treat yourself to a new lip gloss or nail polish. An inexpensive gift to yourself is sometimes all it takes :)

Not "Gay Suicide"

Of late, we've been bombarded with the tragic news of countless young men and women who could no longer cope, ending their lives. But the prevalence of so-called"gay suicides" hasn't risen. Only media attention has.

How do we as a society prevent such horrors? Perhaps a start would be removing the stigma. Let's begin by referring to  the tragedies not as Gay Suicide, but as suicide.

People are people, regardless of sexual orientation. Suicide is suicide, regardless of the sexuality of the person driven to it.

Instead of coming up with ways to segregate gay teens from straight teens, let's put our energy into creating mental health programs and open-minded forums where people of all types feel safe, no matter what's in their pants or on their minds.

Tuesday Tunes 14.12.10

A Christmas classic with a Glee-tastic twist. "Baby It's Cold Outside" sung by Kurt and Blaine (played by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss).

Have a great Tuesday night and stay warm!

2 New Ways to Catch Creative Ideas Whenever They Strike

You're at home on the couch, tub of popcorn on your lap and movie on TV. Suddenly, a brilliant idea strikes! ...but no paper is on hand. You'll remember later, right?

How about using one of these creative and convenient ideas??

1 It looks like black paint--but it will act as a chalkboard! Simply paint a couple of coats on the wall of your choice (paint over it in a different colour, if you like) and voila!! Check out the hardware store to buy.

2 Remember writing on the wall (or wanting to to) as a kid?  Here's your opportunity! Art supply stores are a great resource, even if you're not an artist.  Purchase a roll of mural or butcher paper. Roll it out on the floor or tape a large section to the wall when you need to brainstorm. Pages can easily be folded or rolled up and stored, or recycled when you're done with them.

Go off and be creative now, my dears! Where will your ideas take you?

TiLT 3.12.10

I'm a longtime fan of so it's only natural that etched in tin should adopt Gala's weekly tradition of Things I Love Thursday (TiLT)!

What is TiLT? An fun, easy to read list of all the little things I've enjoyed in the past few days. Feel free to comment or link me to your own!

Things I loved this week:

<3 Second Cup's Candy Cane Lattes
<3 Staying hydrated
<3 Hot bubble baths and listening to Tarja Turunen's latest CD
<3 Wearing a red ribbon in honour of World AIDS Day
<3 Back issues of Family Circle
<3 Curling up in bed with the cats
<3 My fabulous boyfriend!!
<3 Brand new sneakers

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.

Since 1988, 1 December has been observed around the globe by people wearing red ribbons, learning more about the pandemic and raising awareness for this disease.

For more information, click
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