Slightly Late Link Love 29.5.2015

Hello darling! Sorry I'm late-- I was catching up on Game of Thrones! Oops. This week, I spent my days reading and writing and my evenings curled up with my love, nerding out over documentaries about Marilyn Monroe, and maritime animals. This weekend I'm in Ohio with my parents. What are your weekend plans?

Recommended reading:

This list rating the best Mad Men characters makes me miss the show! It's also very snarky and well-written.

Why this plus size site doesn't use professional models. The whole interview is really great!
Why did you decide to use non-professional models for your products?
"Because it needs to be done. There is no other answer other than that the 'average gal' is our customer, and that average gal is us, and we all deserve to see a more diverse range of models."
14 things you should know before dating a bisexual woman. Nope, a bi girl isn't more likely to cheat on you.

Arizona's landscape looks unreal!

9 signs you're going to be extraordinarily successful.

There are no shortcuts to greatness.

This is really cool but makes me super uncomfortable.

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Enjoy your weekend!

Eye Cream & Emotional Intelligence: Link Love 8.5.2015

Hello gorgeous! How was your week? I wrote about how being disabled make me feel like I'm living a double life, started taking a new business class online, and devoured  reread multiple chapters of Little Women (a childhood favourite of mine, and an item on my 101 in 1001 list).

What to read this weekend (other than Little Women!):

14 signs you're an emotionally intelligent person.

I'm convinced we all need this t-shirt. And it comes in a size small to 5x!

♥ If you're upgrading your beauty routine, check out Refinery 29's article about the best eye creams.

This tweet is gold! #ReadyForHillary

How to acquire art on a college budget, from College Fashion. Love these ideas! Buying beautiful things (that you can afford) supports your favourite artists and boosts your mood.

♥ This is Chipotle's guacamole recipe! OMG.

This interview with Taylor Swift makes me especially eager to visit Nashville this summer!

Image via unsplash

Enjoy your weekend!

Being disabled makes me feel like I'm living a double life.

There are days when I function almost like an ablebodied, neurotypical person; I can run a block to catch the bus. I wake up early to work and eat breakfast and take my vitamins. I have lattes with friends and call my boyfriend on his lunch break and spend time with my family.

But on bad days...

I literally can't get out of bed. I skip meals because toasting a slice of bread or grabbing an apple takes more effort than I can expend. I have panic attacks that leave me in tears. I can't keep any food down and swallow Gravol by the package.

This is a double life, but it's not glamorous. I'm no Hannah Montana!

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