Spring Is Here: Link Love 20.3.2015

It's officially spring! I'm so happy! It feels like everything is pleasanter when the last of winter's snow melts; you can spend time outside without shivering, the clothes are cuter, and you won't curse yourself for freezing your hands off while drinking iced tea.

So what did you do this week? I bought a ton of these bookcases for my apartment. The lady at IKEA said, "you sure do like to read a lot!". It's true. And today I'm heading to Niagara Falls for a couple of days of sightseeing and shopping. I've been quite a few times, but it's magical. Every single time.

Links you'll love (it's a quick one this week!):

Have a wonderful weekend! 
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The Intersection of Fat and Disability

Would people react to my disability differently if I weren't fat?

If I weren't fat, would my sudden puking in the middle of a mall be met with offers of ginger ale and sympathy instead of fascination and disdain?

If I weren't fat, would my occasional use of a cane merit respectful volunteering of seats instead of hushed giggling and accusations of "you wouldn't need special accommodations if you didn't eat yourself into a body unable to hold its own weight!"?

If I weren't fat, would my admission that I have PCOS be surprising and upsetting, instead of drawing questions like "so that's why you're so huge?" or "isn't that an obese person's illness?"?

Fat people already aren't viewed as people. Even when they're white and cishet and able-bodied and generally "acceptable" in every way, other than their size. So when a fat person deviates from being "otherwise acceptable", they're even less than less-than human.

I guess I just answered my own question.

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Be Ridiculous! Link Love 6.3.2015

Hi gorgeous! How was your week? I had a gastroscopy (and Instagrammed my #hospitalglam look, of course!) and continued organizing my new apartment. Who knew I had so many neon socks and books of poetry?!

Links you'll love:

♥ With Mad Men's last few episodes airing soon, superfans will love this reading list. And these photos.

♥ These green bean fries with creamy dipping sauce would make a great snack!

♥ And breakfast tartines? Yes, please!

♥ I can't get enough of Marina and the Diamonds' new song.


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